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About our Shelters

There are a few questions people normally have about our shelters. This page will try to answer some questions with pictures to help.
Silverstream Shelters latest buildings feature truss-type roofs made from square tubing rather than round, which gives them added strength. We feature a 30 foot single arch made of 2 by 2 inch 12 guage steel. Truss-type arches are available in 30, 38, 42, 50 and 65 foot widths-any length you want. Our all-new powdercoat finish is optional. Powder coating involves charging the metal with electricity and then baking the finished product at 600 degrees providing a finish "smoother and shinier than a new car."

Unlike pre-galvanized steel, where the coating burns off when you weld the joints, our powder coat is applied after fabrication so all joints are coated for more complete protection against rust.

Various colors of power coating are available. Our warranty is the best in the industry. Frame and cover kits carry a 15-year prorated warranty against manufacturing defects.