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Used 2017 CLAAS AXION 860 Tractor

$255,000.00 CAD / $199,905.93 USD

  • AgDealer Equipment #: 1058029
  • Stock #: 3439
  • Location: Winkler/Morden, Manitoba

Frt 3 Pt, Radar, Hyd Top Lonk, Pwr Beyond, Deluxe Cab, Cold weather pkgHomologationtype 40R3 40R3 machine no. A4102679 A4102679 Maschinennummer A4102679 A4102679 Type Serial number Gearbox TMG28 DSB STEP2 000000000003959966 Cabine K07 X-50000812-0717001 Motor F4DFE617G*B003 001482426 Rearaxle GPA45 H048514 Frontaxle 434439 43443901000552 Transmission GTA4245 10347731 Equipment A41 AXION 850-810 CMATIC A41/570 AXION 860 NA TJ_102_7222 600/70 R28 Mitas SFT / fixed rim TJ_102_7222 600/70 R28 Mitas SFT / fixed rim TJ_103_0642 710/70 R42 Continental - Mitas SFT / fixed rim TJ_103_0642 710/70 R42 Continental - Mitas SFT / fixed rim TJ_105_5990 5990_21474730/4245 TJ_350_0000 0000_sans axe ( 1 sur rel ) TJ_430_0002 0002_fr Hyd ou PN av PAV frein TJ_505_0002 0002_Tuyau DIR+FR Ret HYD (NA) TJ_507_0001 0001_Direction+DEH (NA) TJ_810_0003 0003_Obturateur N4 PT Suspendu TJ_910_0001 0001_UBM1.1 type 1 TJ_927_0001 0001_Support NA TJ_B02_0124 CLAAS front linkage 4.6 t (CEBIS) TJ_B03_0022 External operation for front linkage and front spool valve TJ_B04_0000 Without linkage-mounted weight block TJ_B06_0010 Front PTO 1000 rpm, 6 splines, 1 3/8" (CEBIS) TJ_B08_0010 Electronic position control TJ_I02_0040 CEBIS control terminal TJ_I04_0041 CMATIC TJ_I08_0250 Alternator 250 amp/hour TJ_I10_0020 ISOBUS-ready with 2x ISO sockets at front and rear TJ_I14_0022 Wiring loom, complete TJ_I18_0000 Without job management TJ_I22_0050 AUTO PILOT

genAG , Winkler/Morden, Manitoba

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