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Used 2014 J&M 750-18 Grain Cart

$29,500.00 CAD / $22,307.92 USD

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  • AgDealer Equipment #: 988425
  • Location: Watford, Ontario


Brian Shanahan Farms , Watford, Ontario

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Used 2015 Convey All 16-45 Conveyor Conveyor

$24,900.00 CAD / $18,829.40 USD

  • Stock #: 20065A
  • Location: Rosenort, Manitoba

Hydraulic Mover Kit, Kohler 35 HP Engine, 10 Inch Tube, 16 Inch Belt, Adjustable Discharge Hood, Collapsible Hopper, Lite Kit, New Belt, Like New Condition. Call Ron or Mark for more details. 1-866-746-8441.

Rosenort Motors (1979) Ltd. , Rosenort, Manitoba

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Used 2016 Brandt 1020XR Grain Cart

$49,500.00 CAD / $37,431.94 USD

  • Stock #: 127303
  • Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan


South Country Equipment Ltd. , Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

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Used 2010 Rem 2700 Grain Vac

$16,700.00 CAD / $12,628.55 USD

  • Stock #: N32171
  • Location: Stettler, Alberta

1000 pto drive, full bin nozzle, bin cleanup nozzle, 7" standard hose package

Future Ag Inc. , Stettler, Alberta

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Used Pro Grain Equipment Grain Bagger

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  • AgDealer Equipment #: 987981
  • Location: Beachville, Ontario

Pro Grain Equipment provides a complete line of grain handling and storage options with grain baggers, extractors, transfer augers, and transfer conveyors; as well as variety of custom farm fabrication and implements such as repairs, box scrapers and tanks. Our equipment is designed first and foremost with the farmer in mind, keeping machinery simple to operate and dependable with commonly sourced parts.

Leading Edge Equipment Ltd. , Beachville, Ontario

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New 2017 Springland UTL40 Grain Auger

$21,450.00 CAD / $16,220.51 USD

  • Stock #: AUGSPR343
  • Location: Nisku, Alberta

Springland UTL40 Transfer Auger **11" diameter u-trough compares to a 13" tradition round auger. **This unit is a demoed unit on clearance discount.
"The UTL40 auger will unload your bins faster than ever."

The Springland U-Trough design moves more material than traditional round tubes at the same horsepower with less chance of grain damage. When loading the u-trough fills to the top of lid allowing product to flow with little or no contact with the flighting. This innovation allows the augers to be used for all products from lentils, grains, and canola, to fertilizers. The design has the benefits of a traditional auger and conveyor combined. Another advantage of the u-trough design is that the UTL40 can be powered with a more economical gas engine to keep the price down on a high capacity auger.

  • 11" Wide Trough
  • 40' Long
  • Fully Enclosed Belt Guard
  • Reversible Gearbox
  • Truck and ATV Hitch
  • NEW! hydraulic lift
  • Hydraulic Mover Console
  • No grain is spilled with canvas hopper, with Sliding Lid Cover that keeps hopper clean and dry when not in use
  • 35 hp Kohler Gas
  • 120-150/ bushels per minute

Prices are subject to applicable taxes.

Flaman Sales , Nisku, Alberta

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New 2018 Rem VRX Grain Vac

$26,900.00 CAD / $20,341.80 USD

  • Stock #: REMVRX41070
  • Location: Nisku, Alberta

REM VRX Grain Vac *Special clearance price. Was $28,950; sale price $26,900 *Save $2,050 !!

REM’s Grain Vac VRX is a brand new machine from top to bottom. Every piece has been examined, questioned, and extreme tested individually and as part of the whole system – in both controlled environments and in the field. REM has taken the VRX design, engineering and testing to a whole new level.

Weight: 2950 lbs (1338 kg)
Hitch weight: 432 lbs (196 kg)
Auger discharge height: 14’ 10” (4.53 m)
Hydraulic requirements: 2 Gal @ 2000 PSI
Tractor HP requirement: 85 hp – full load out
Transport width: 8‘ (2.44 m)
Transport height (without exhaust): 8’ 2” (2.48 m)
Transport length: 9’10” (3 m)
Bushel Per Hour: 6000

Options available:

Prices are subject to applicable taxes.

Flaman Sales , Nisku, Alberta

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New Flaman Dehuller Grain Cleaner

$6,900.00 CAD / $5,217.79 USD

  • Stock #: GRA019150
  • Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Hullermatic Machine
These units comes as complete easy to use machines. Designed as a lab model, place your sample in the top and receive a clean, dehulled product.

12" Cylinder
44" High

10 BPH on Cereals
Manual Tensioner
No Air
3/4 HP Motor
Wired 110 V

Prices are subject to applicable taxes.

Flaman Sales , Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Used misc TMO5 Grain Cleaner

$5,000.00 CAD / $3,781.00 USD

  • AgDealer Equipment #: 987889
  • Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Used Satake TM05 Lab size Dehuller

Easy Operations

  • ?This machine is appropriate for checking milling yield and rice whiteness before beginning a large milling job.
The variable speed pulley can run the milling roll at eight different rotational speeds.
Three type of milling rolls are provided as standard. (For white rice: #30#36#40, For brewer's rice: #40#46#60)

Satake TM05 Lab size Dehuller comes with cereal screen
  • Small Sample - only requires 200 grams of material
  • Applications - Produces samples, milled to different degrees of whiteness in a short amount of time
  • Laboratory Use - Compact desktop construction facilitates installation and operation in laboratories
  • Variable Speed - Built in multi-groove pulley provides easy speed changes
  • Timer-controlled Operation - Adjustable timer allows accurate and automatic operation
  • Quality Grading - Transparent front cover enables judgment of milling degree by observing the colour of the bran product
  • 3 phase power requirement

Prices are subject to applicable taxes.

Flaman Sales , Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Used 2015 Bruns Manufacturing 400 Gravity Box

$5,950.00 CAD / $4,499.40 USD

  • Stock #: 112590
  • Location: Elmira, Ontario

400 Bushel Gravity Box, Lights -- 400 Bushel Gravity Box; Like New; Safety Chain; Safety LIghts

Premier Equipment Ltd. , Elmira, Ontario

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Used Easy-Vey 831 Belt Conveyor

$6,800.00 CAD / $5,142.17 USD

  • Stock #: 22395
  • Location: Stratford, Ontario

31' belt conveyor on transport. Stock # 22395

Hahn Farms Ltd. , Stratford, Ontario

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