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Small-Scale Wind Turbines from C&F Green Energy

By Spencer Myers Published: Feb 02, 2018

Wind turbines aren’t new to Canada, but we haven’t seen anything like the small-scale turbines produced by C&F Green Energy.

The turbines we see now are often very large and expensive. Frankly, they can become a real pain for the landowner having to put up with these on their farm, especially when they aren’t getting to use that energy.

What’s the solution? C&F Green Energy, an Irish company that produces and markets small to medium sized wind turbines. While they’re a new name here in Canada, C&F Green Energy is well known in the European and Asian markets. The Irish company and their wind turbines are widely popular across Europe, particularly on dairy farms, and in Japan.

I learned that C&F Green Energy is creating a smaller wind turbine meant to produce power locally for the business owner rather than supply to a larger grid.

They offer you grid-tied or off-grid connections. They also offer a complete hybrid solution including backup DC power, control systems, and battery storage. In terms of size and power, the turbines come in a range between 10 and 250 Kilowatts.

To give you an idea of the actual size, the 25KW option has a 43ft. (13.1 meter) rotor diameter and a tower height of 20 meters.

By buying and setting up one of these on your operation, the power collected on your farm is stored in a generator and sent back to your own personal power grid, allowing you to offset your energy usage and save some cash each month while doing so.

The idea is that if your business is using a large amount of power for day to day operations, setting up and utilizing the power from these machines can help decrease your overall costs and energy requirements.

I had a chance to talk with Sean Ganley from C&F Green Energy about these turbines and why farmers here in Canada might want one.

“It’s primarily sold to farmers but also to businesses, office parks, campuses, schools, hospitals, you name it. Anyone that’s looking for distributive power or an energy solution their own site, if they have a suitable site, a suitably windy site, that is.” – Sean Ganley, C&F Green Energy

Farms throughout Canada and their energy requirements can very dramatically. A key feature of these machines aims to solve that problem by offering such a large power range between 10 and 250 Kilowatts. By giving the farmer or business owner more control over the machines size and power, you can avoid buying a machine that’s too much or too little for your operation.

If you’d like to hear more from Sean Ganley about the wind turbines you can watch our interview from Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show or you can go to their website directly at

Click HERE to watch full interview.

C&F Green Energy is currently establishing a network of dealers to help Canadian farmers and business owners set up their own small scale wind turbines.