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Massey Ferguson Introduces 1700M Compact Tractor at US Farm Progress Show

By Spencer Myers
Staff Writer

I recently travelled to the US Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa where AGCO was releasing some new Massey Ferguson products, one of them being the 1700M Series Compact Tractors.

First Impressions

The first thing that caught my eye was the large cab. The frame, engine, and tires all seem standard for your average compact tractor, but the cab looks like it’s from a full-sized tractor.

After talking with reps from Massey Ferguson, I learned that’s exactly what they did. The 1700M Series models are a combination of a standard compact tractor with a new, modern style full-sized cab.

There are two different options, the standard cab available on all models and the Deluxe Cab option, available on the MF1740M, MF1750M and MF1760M HST (hydrostatic transmission) models.

After sitting in the cab I was quickly convinced on the designer’s choice for going with the large cab on a smaller machine.

The larger windows and easy access controls make it feel very manoeuvrable, and very familiar to other larger tractors. The big windows seem extra helpful for jobs like mowing grass or moving snow where the driver has to constantly look behind the tractor. The Deluxe Cab also features air-ride seating, making the ride that much smoother.

While I didn’t get to actually test the tractor, sitting in the seat and looking around was enough to show me the benefits of the larger cab with the smaller, compact body.

This tractor seems like it will be a good option for jobs like mowing, snow blowing, yard maintenance, and other small tasks. With the new cab and Deluxe Cab option, this once seasonal tractor is now a year-round option and could be very useful in the colder winter temperatures.

Under The Hood

The 1700M Series comes in six different models, listed below with the model number and horse power:

MF1736M (36.2 Horse Power), MF1742M (41.6 HP), MF1749M (48.3 HP), MF1754M (53.6 HP), MF1758M (59 HP), MF1760M (59 HP)

The 1760M model comes with a hydrostatic transmission, and all models have a rear PTO with optional mid-mount 2000 rpm PTOs also available.

The electronically controlled, 3-range hydrostatic transmission is easy to operate and allows the operator to reach the speed needed for the job within each range without shifting gears.The rear 3-point hitch has a lift capacity of 2,535 lbs. (1,150 kg) and, for the MF1750M and MF1760M, a lift capacity of 3,086 lbs. (1,400 kg).

“These features, along with advanced engineering, mean the 1700M Series tractors are ideal for general farm and property maintenance tasks, landscaping, small-scale road and land grading, and light construction,” – Massey Ferguson.

Massey has a number of compatible implements including mowers, rear blades, disc harrows, grading scrapers, and snow blowers.

Deluxe Cab Specs

The Deluxe Cab option is available on the MF1740M, MF1750M and MF1760M HST (hydrostatic transmission) models.

Some features the Deluxe Cab include: radio/CD/Bluetooth connectivity, air-ride seating, LED work lamps to increase visibility at night and early morning, rear-windshield defroster, improved sun visor with scissor bracket, and a mesh storage pocket on the cab headliner.

1700 Series in-cab view. Photo courtesy of Massey Ferguson.

The new cab on the 1700M series has turned the hobby tractor into a year-round machine by combining their compact design with the new cab feature. While the hydrostatic transmission and PTO options are great, the real eye-catcher of this series (for me) is the cab.

A key thing I noticed was that the cab doesn’t seem to create any blind-spots. A benefit of previous cab-less tractors is the 360 degree view they offer, but for the 1700M Series MF has tried to keep that visibility while adding a cab for comfort. Sitting in the seat I didn’t notice any blind spots to potentially cause problems, but I did not get test the tractor in-action.

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