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Manitou Focuses on Farming with NewAg MLT Telehandlers

By Spencer Myers
Staff Writer

Manitou is introducing a new series of telehandlers marketed specifically towards the farming industry.

With new machines being released almost daily it’s hard to keep up with all the innovations and what makes new products “new”. One of the trends I’ve noticed over the last few years of machinery reviews is the blending of construction and farming equipment.

Many companies are now designing tractors or vehicles that could be used in both the small construction and farming industry, and the MLT Series from Manitou is a good example of that.

Taking all the aspects that have made previous machines successful, Manitou has adjusted a few things to market the MLT Series towards farmers. These changes include a smaller overall size, quick-release attachments, an auto-reverse intake fan, and the ability to switch between tasks quickly.

I saw the MLT 737-130 model in September at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show and the first thing that caught my eye was the smaller size. Still a seemingly powerful machine, it does appear to be a more compact and manoeuvrable size than larger construction model telehandlers.

What makes it designed for agriculture?

The MLT Series can lift up to 4.1 tonnes to a max height of 9 metres, so it can definitely handle jobs like moving snow, pushing earth, and stacking bales.

The smaller design makes it an option for going in and between smaller spaces. To help with this there are four steering modes for the operator to choose from depending on the job: Two wheel steering, four wheel steering, crab mode, and mani-crab mode.

MLT Series cab. Photo courtesy of Manitou.

The cab is designed with operator comfort being the main focus. The controls are all on the right panel and joy-stick, and an LED screen is mounted near the steering wheel. Sitting in the cab personally, I thought the visibility was good (necessary in any telehandler) and the seat was comfy to sit in. There are lights on the exterior for extra visibility at night.

For moving across un-even ground, the MLT models come with a limited slip differential of 45%. That means that the rear axle can “flex” so that the machine stays level when the wheels do not. (Pictured below)

An interesting new feature is the auto-reversible fan, which will automatically change the fan direction for ten seconds every three minutes, no matter the engine speed. This will blow away the straw/dust/debris that usually gets stuck to the intake fan.

Other than the things I mentioned above I didn’t find any other features to stand out as specifically built for agriculture. The smaller size combined with the ability to still lift up to 4.1 tonnes makes it a decent option if your operation is looking to ad a front loader or telehandler to the fleet.

Contact your local Mantiou dealer to find out more about their NewAg MLT Series.