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Lemken Upgrades the Heliodor 9 Tillage System

By Spencer Myers Published: Dec 12, 2017

I recently traveled to Agritechnica, one of the world’s largest agricultural trade shows in Hanover, Germany. I spent six days at the show alongside Scott Garvey from Grainews and we were looking at some of the newest and most advanced technology coming into the agriculture market.

While we were at Agritechnica, one of the thousands of machines we saw was the Heliodor 9 Tillage System from Lemken. This machine isn’t brand-new but we were able to interview Lemken’s Laurent Letzter about the recent upgrades to the tillage system.

Lemken says the upgrades to the Heliodor 9 will help make the Heliodor 9 even better suited for the Canadian Prairies.

The main upgrade to the Heliodor 9 is the hydraulic depth control. This lets the operator continuously adjust the depth while the machine is working.

With the hydraulic leveling system on the Heliodor 9 and the new depth control, if the machine is pulling one way or resisting, you can easily adjust from the cab without stopping.

The Heliodor 9 also has a removable front bar allowing you to change the roller attachment easier than previous models. They call it their “Quick-Change” system and by using a pin system along with something to lift the roller, you can now change the attachment without using any tools.

Another major feature is a harrow at the front of the machine. After combining farmers are looking to bury the trash (or some of it) as they till, but spreading the residue can be a difficult task without the right tillage system. This upgrade to the Heliodor 9 lets you go over the swath or residue path and spread it across the entire field.

The harrow feature is brand-new and is only being tested on a few machines, but it looks like it will be a standard feature in the future. To learn more about the Heliodor 9 and Lemken’s other products go to