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Krone North America Introduces New Comprima Round Baler

By Spencer Myers
Staff Writer

Krone North America recently announced their newest baler, the Comprima Round Baler.

The first thing you might notice when seeing Krone’s Comprima Round Baler is the new look. It’s a rounded, sleeker design than previous models from Krone. While it looks fancy, that’s not the only change in the newest model.

The Comprima Round Baler is the only round baler offering the exclusive Krone belt and slat system. This system is designed to build denser bales from any crop. This includes straw, dry hay, and wet hay for silage.

Another notable feature is Krone’s new camless pick-up design to deliver better feeding and less wrapping. This results in more uniform-shaped bales. Like earlier models, the Comprima offers the capacity for producers who want to bale more tonnage per-day.

Krone’s Comprima Round Baler is offering a free, three-year/30,000 bale warranty on their exclusive Krone NovoGrip belt and slat system.

Producers can choose from a variety of bale chamber sizes in fixed, variable, and the Krone exclusive semi-variable model.

This machine is also build to be easy to maintain and service. Balers, especially ones being heavily used, require a bit of maintenance to produce the best-possible bales.

Knowing this, Krone made it very easy to see and access the chains, belts, grease nipples, that producers will need to access for maintenance.

The Comprima Baler also gives you a few different hitch options, depending on what you plan on pairing the baler with. The hitch configurations vary depending on whether you choose a fixed, variable, or semi-variable model. Farmers can ask their local dealer what model would work best with their tractor options.

Krone North America says, “Farmers can expect cutting edge hay quality thanks to the Comprima’s ability to build higher density bales, particularly for silage bales.”

Especially in Canada, farmers are limited by the time and the weather. On smaller operations it’s common to have only two or three qualified operators. If one person is able to make more bales in a shorter time period, it could help get your straw off faster and get back to your other tasks.

It’s not unusual to check a field one day and it be too moist, only to check the next morning and enter a panic-state to get the straw off the ground before the next rain.

Krone is trying to help make it easier by offering a baler with superior parts and the ability to build a variety of bales with one machine.

To learn more about the Comprima Round Baler and other products from Krone North America, visit