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Krogmann BaleHandler Hydraulic Balebed

By Spencer Myers
Staff Writer

Farming can be very hard on your vehicles, particularly cattle farming, where trucks seem to wear out faster than fence posts.

Krogmann Manufacturing from Sabetha, Kansas can make your pick-up into a lifting and loading beast. It offers a hydraulic bale bed or flatbed for pickup trucks built to handle large round bales. But that’s not all it can do.

The Krogmann BaleHandler allows you to load, haul and feed large round bales with a flatbed truck engineered with hydraulic arms. Items such as 4-wheelers, small equipment and materials found on the farm and ranch can be handled by the Carry-All which is used to hydraulically lift, haul and dump.

The BaleHandler is available in two standard widths of seven and eight feet. They are nine feet long, can lift 2500 lbs., and comes with a recessed 30,000lb. gooseneck Ball.

Optional components such as custom building for shorter or longer pickup beds and third spool valves offer flexibility to fit different needs around the farm. Engine driven or all electric models are both available.

To give you a better idea of what the BaleHandler can really do, here are some specs directly from Krogmann Manufacturing.

Krogmann BaleBed Standard Features and Specifications:

  • Recessed 30,000 lb. Gooseneck Ball
  • Rear Drop Hitch
  • Double Headache Rack
  • Extendable Spinners
  • Mud flaps
  • Steel Sides
  • Sealed Beam LED Taillights
  • Sealed Beam Back-up Lights
  • Toggle Switch Controls
  • Pioneer Quick Couplers
  • Single Wheel Pickup 7′ Bed Width
  • Single Wheel Pickup 9′ Bed Length
  • Dual Wheel Pickup 8′ Dually Bed Width
  • Dual Wheel Pickup 9′ Dually Bed Length
  • 2500 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • Fully Synchronized Squeeze Cylinders
  • 3 Year Warranty

Krogmann engineering doesn’t stop with the Hydraulic Balebed. Another Krogmann product, the Carry-All, is designed to handle 4-wheelers, small equipment and materials on the farm and is designed to hydraulically lift, haul and dump.

This means that now you can go from hauling bales on the farm to loading a quad back-to-back without the pain of connecting a trailer. The hydraulic arms that lift the bales can also attach to a bucket for you to lift your quad (or something else really heavy) onto the bed. This helps cut down risk of operator injury, something that can easily happen when driving or manually loading quads and heavy machinery onto a truck bed.

Krogmann also offers a solution to that toolbox rattling around in the back of your chore truck. They manufacture across the bed, under body, and side toolboxes to help you store the tools that often litter cabs and truck boxes.

These under body side boxes are a great option if you plan on loading bales or other large items frequently and you want to store your twine cutters, wrenches, and other tools. The cross-box toolboxes are very handy for storing larger tools that you need on the go.

To see more photos of the Krogmann Balehandler and all of its options go to or call them toll-free at 877-745-3783.