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Hustler Bale Handlers with Soft Hands Technology

By Spencer Myers
Staff Writer

Hustler Equipment is introducing the Soft Hands bale-handlers, designed to reduce bale damage and make bale stacking easier and safer.

The Soft Hands design comes in three different designs to match your needs and tractor set up, the CXR Soft Hands, Compact Soft Hands, and Mega Soft Hands.

All three models have a compact design and contoured features for strength. The compact design makes sliding between bales easier and reduces bale damage.

What tractors will they attach to?

Hustler is giving producers a choice depending what they plan on using to handle their bales. The Soft Hands bale handlers attach to any skid steer, front end, or telescopic loader.

How do the models compare?

CXR Soft Hands:

Handles round bales only. Lowest cost of the three models with Soft Hands technology.

Compact Soft Hands:

Can be used with round and square bales. Compact design for maneuverability and reducing bale damage.

Mega Soft Hands:

Can be used with round and square bales. Designed to handle heavy, repetitive use. Tested to handle bales up to 2 metric tons.

The patented new equalizer allows the operator to slide between bales easier without disturbing or tearing adjacent bales, and without side loading your front loader.

Three main selling points of the Hustler Bale Handlers with Soft Hands are reduced bale damage, better ensiling for silage bales, and ease of control.

A slim design and rounded bars allow the operator greater control of the bale while reducing the damage to the bale and wrapping. Because of the reduced damage and reduced deformation, there are less opportunities for air pockets to form in silage bales. This helps with reducing the mould in silage and keeping the quality longer.

In terms of control, the patented floating equalizer allows the operator to compress the bale in either direction without leaving the cab when loading/unloading trailers.

The Hustler Soft-Hands Bale Handlers are designed for producers who want to make bale handling safer and easier while reducing the damage to their bales. To see the Soft Hands technology in action, click here.

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Photo: Hustler Equipment