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Fuel Lock Security and Monitoring System

By Spencer Myers
Staff Writer

The Fuel Lock monitoring and security system is hoping to help you and your business protect your fuel.

Rural crime has always been an issue with farm and business owners in remote areas, and it seems like we’ve been hearing more and more about it as of late. While many things can be locked away or secured inside of a building, some items are often forced to be stored outside such as things like vehicles, large equipment, and often fuel tanks.

To help secure your fuel and aide in tracking your fuel usage, Landon Fahlman began developing the Fuel Lock. Now in production, this new tool is designed to secure your fuel lines using an electronic lock and key-pad. The Fuel Lock system from Intragrain Technologies Inc. is connected to your home or office computer, where you can then monitor the fuel system as well as track who’s using fuel, when they’re using it, and how much they’re using.

It’s available in two different models: personal and business. They both use the same locking system, however the business mode comes with some additional features like the fuel tracking and employee/system monitoring via text and email alerts.

In the business mode, every member of the system gets a unique four-digit password that’s attached to their employee ID. So for example, if you operate a grain farm and you hire five employees during harvest, you can give each of these employees a password and employee ID for the system. Each time someone logs into the system, AKA unlocks your fuel tank with their pin, you can monitor exactly who is opening the fuel tank, when they’re opening it, and how much fuel their using.

Fuel Lock allows you to monitor fuel usage on the go.

“It’s a great way to offer peace of mind for your own fuel” – Landon Fahlman, Fuel Lock Product Manager. “It seems to be a great tool not only in farming but also in the oil and gas industry. ”

The monitoring feature is also available on your iPad or smart device via their app, so you can monitor your fuel in real-time and on-the-go even when you’re away from the home computer.

While we’ve been highlighting the monitoring features, let’s not forget the original purpose of the system: to keep unwanted people from accessing your fuel. The system will not unlock for anyone who doesn’t have a pre-authorized PIN number. Only numbers that have been coded into the system can unlock your fuel tank.

The system will automatically lock after a pre-set time, so you don’t need to worry about the fuel tanks left unlocked. When you set up the system, you can choose how long you want the pumps to stay unlocked for, and they will autonomically lock when the time is up.

The Fuel Lock system had many people’s attention during Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina, SK earlier this year, and the product ended up winning a Gold Innovation Award at this year’s show. (photo below)

To Learn more or if you’re interested in the Fuel Lock system for your farm or business, visit or

Landon Fahlman (Fuel Lock) won an Innovation Award at CFPS 2018. Photo: Spencer Myers