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DOT’s winter research in Arizona

By Spencer Myers
Staff Writer

DOT spends the winter in Arizona

Written by Scott Garvey | Machinery Editor, Grainews

Continuous field testing of prototype machinery can be a challenge for Canadian ag equipment manufacturers, because our long winters limit access to fields. A good option is to head to southern portions of the U.S. where milder climates make year-round testing possible. Only that way can engineers rack up the maximum number of hours on a machine in the shortest possible time.

For the development team at DOT Technology Corp., fields at the University of Arizona’s ag research station at Maricopa was the ideal setting to put their autonomous “power platform” to work through the winter.

“Thank goodness we have Arizona,” said Leah Olson-Friesen, CEO of DOT Technology Corp. “The real objective there is to validate the hardware and software, so for our spring release we have done a lot of hours (of testing). We’re doing our operations 12 hours a day, six days a week.”

In March DOT Technology Corp. organized a public demonstration event at the U of A facility to showcase the current state of development of the autonomous power platform to a large group of farmers and ag industry people, including representatives from other manufacturers who may be considering building DOT-ready implements.

“The objective for today was to showcase some of the development,” said Olson-Friesen during the event. “This is a great place for us to demonstrate in the field what DOT is capable of doing…”

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