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Case IH’s New L10 Series Loaders

By Spencer Myers
Staff Writer

Case IH is hoping to make farmers’ lives a little easier with their new L10 Series Loaders.

Case IH has released some pretty interesting implements throughout the last year, and the announcements keep coming with their new L10 Series Premium Loaders. Whether you’re moving bales off the field, loading a mixer wagon, or cleaning cattle pens, the L10 Series is designed with features to help you work more efficiently.

A quick-view of the specs shows that the maximum lift capacity is 2,205 – 6,151 lbs (depending on model). The max height ranges from 141-195 inches. The specs vary depending on the loader and tractor combination. To compare the loader/tractor combinations, click here.

Working faster sounds great, but how much of a difference can a tractor actually make?

The L10 Series from Case IH has several features to help keep the tractor in-motion instead of in repair:

  • Efficient, flow-optimized hydraulics
  • Increased Visibility
  • Fast mount and dismount (30 – 60 seconds)
  • Unmatched durability for maximum uptime
  • Faster cycling times (see below)

What does “faster cycling time” mean?

Loaders prove their worth to an operator by making repetitive jobs easier by helping you be more efficient with your time. That means that the faster you can get through your repetitions (picking up bales, hauling dirt) the faster the job gets done.

A cycle time is the time it takes for the loader to perform one repetition of the task at hand. If you’re picking bales, the cycle time is the time it takes to pick up one bale, unload onto the truck, and return to the bale stack for bale number two.

It might not be the main reason to buy a new tractor, but if you’re thinking of purchasing a new loader, having the ability to complete jobs faster is an advantage to keep in mind.

L10 Series built lighter, stronger:

A chamfered and embossed arm design increases strength. Cast and forged components add even more strength at critical stress points, helping to create lasting reliability and a lower cost of ownership. Plus, design features, such as smart hose routing and protective covers, help keep hydraulic lines out of the way. The L10 Series is designed to be rugged, long lasting, and low-maintenance.

Different models for different operations:

Keeping in mind that all operations are different, the L10 Series has six available models. The L10 Series is also available as mechanical self-levelling or non-self-levelling loaders. The compatible attachments are grapples, buckets, or bale spears, and with the fast mount and dismount you can switch between jobs within 60 seconds.

This is just one of the many small to medium sized loaders available, but the newest series from Case IH gives producers another option to think about for their loader or chore tractor. To learn more about the L10 Series go to