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Case IH Announces Seeding Equipment Improvements for 2018

By Spencer Myers Published: Mar 02, 2018

Case IH has announced some improvements to their seeding equipment that will hopefully make planting this year’s crop a little easier and more efficient. Some of the improvements include increased manoeuvrability and tank-mounted weigh scales.

“Seeding equipment steadily grows in popularity,” said Trent Nowosad, Case IH marketing manager for seeding equipment. “When it comes to meeting cropping challenges with maximum flexibility, seeding provides the versatility that allows producers to quickly react to changes in crop selection. Our goal is to constantly offer improvements that help producers achieve high-efficiency seeding.”

“More and more, producers rely on a diverse crop mix — from wheat and other cereal grains to specialty crops and soybeans. And then, there’s the rapidly growing interest in cover crops,” Nowosad said. “Access to accurate real-time tank weighs are critical to help monitor seeding rates.”

What are the improvements?

The newest models from Case IH are aiming to give you more convenience and more durability. The Case IH Precision Disk 500T single disk air drill has an on-board tank with seed metering, available in either 70 or 100-bushel tank size. The four-section overlap control gives it unmatched manoeuvrability, increasing the operator’s control.

New for 2018, farmers can add tank-mounted weigh scales, seen in the picture below.

Tank weighs are accessible through the Case IH Advanced Farming Systems AFS Pro 700 display or other compatible displays. A display on the rear tank platform also provides on-the-go weight readouts. Optional tank lights also are available for the Precision Disk 500T single disk air drill to help extend the workday and improve operator safety.

If you’re dealing with high-capacity air seeding, the Precision Disk 500 air drill and Case IH Precision Air 5 series air carts can offer some benefits. Precision Air 5 series air carts feature an innovative modular metering control system that helps to accurately place seed and fertilizer. The air carts also feature an AFS AccuSection modular metering control system for more efficient crop input use.

Case IH’s Trent Nowosad had this to say about the high-efficiency seeding:

“Consistent high-efficiency seeding starts with the row unit,” Nowosad said. “We designed our row unit to cut and handle the heaviest residue. Precision Disk air drill row units feature a parallel-link system. The upper and lower arm ensure even depth placement across varying soil conditions.”

In-cab down pressure adjustment and down force springs provide consistency at each row unit. This gives better depth control at higher speeds.

Also New for 2018, to help ensure optimal performance across the toughest field conditions and soil types, Case IH has added a grease point for the packer arm on the Precision Disk 500 and 500T row unit.

This change improves packer arm movement in the most challenging situations.

A new extended-wear gauge wheel option provides added durability and longevity. The front hitch on both models now also includes a hose holder that stores hydraulic lines and electrical connections safe and out of the way when the drill isn’t hitched to a tractor.

New 80-foot Flex Hoe 700

To help meet the demands for high-capacity seeding and better utilize today’s high-horsepower tractors, Case IH is expanding its Flex Hoe 700 line-up with an 80-foot wide option. Case IH says this improvement is aimed to help farmers plant more acres in a day, every day.

The new Flex Hoe 700 features a fold-back design for safe, easy transport and storage. It comes with 10- or 12-inch trip spacing configurations and rubber or steel press wheels. High-flotation tires are also an available option.

Technology Advancements

The newest software update provides a better user interface for easier operation.

“This new software update brings greater consistency across our seeding products,” Nowosad said. “The interface for our Precision Disk air drills now has a similar look, feel and functionality to that of our Precision Air 5 series carts.”

An optional wireless flow blockage monitoring system uses acoustic sensors to “listen” for the sound of seed and fertilizer flow. It’s available for the Precision Disk 500, Flex Hoe 400 and Flex Hoe 700 air drills.

For more information, visit your local Case IH dealer or to learn more.