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AGCO Introduces IDEAL Combine to North America

By Spencer Myers
Staff Writer

Completely re-designing the combine from the ground-up, AGCO’s IDEAL Combine is aiming to be one of the most advanced combines on the North American market.

In terms of design, it’s an all-black combine like nothing we’ve ever seen. The other big surprise is the brand on the side. While most of us at the product launch assumed it would be a Massey Ferguson, AGCO surprised us by bringing a Fendt.

That may not sound like big news, but we’re used to seeing AGCO represented as the Massey or Challenger brands here in North America. When they pulled down the curtain and unveiled the combine, seeing Fendt on the side was not what we expected.

The first look of the IDEAL Combine was at Agritechnica in November of 2017, but this is the first time we’re seeing the combine on Canadian soil. Along with Scott Garvey from Grainews Magazine, I’ve had the chance to check out the IDEAL combine not once but twice since the concept was unveiled, and it continues to impress.

The first thing you’ll notice when you see AGCO’s IDEAl Combine is the colour. The dark grey paint is a noticeable difference from the bright colours of other brands. The only colour on the exterior is near the back of the machine where the class is indicated.

It has a very modern look, with tracks on the front and standard wheels at the back of the machine. While the outside of the combine is definitely something to look at, it also has it’s fair share of specs and technology in the cab and under the hood.

The IDEAL will be available in three models, Class 7, 8 and 9, and can be fitted with the brand’s 9255 DynaFlex Draper headers in 25, 30, 35 and foot widths, or with a 15-foot 4300 pickup header as well as a corn header. Behind the cab is a 485-bushel grain tank that can unload at six bushels per second.

Threshing comes from a 16-foot dual helix rotor system. Below the rotors is a concave shoe pan designed to provide maximum efficiency especially on side-hill operation and even out the load on the cleaning shoe.

At the front of the machine, operators get to sit in the “Vision” cab with huge windows and easy access controls. All of the controls are on the joystick and arm panel on the right side, with large LCD displays that show you your engine specs as well as monitor what’s happening inside the machine. The IDEAL comes equipped with sensors that allow the operator too see the threshing, the tank capacity, and many other features without having to leave the cab.

The power comes from a German-built MAN diesel engine (which is also used in Fendt’s 1000 Series tractors) and gets transferred throughout the combine using 13 drive belts for efficiency and simplicity.

One of the main factors for designing this combine was the ease of use. Designers at AGCO knew that farms in North America are often challenged with finding qualified operators, and knowing this they designed the IDEAL so that anyone who can operate a normal vehicle can operate this combine. It may not sound like a big deal, but having the ability for anyone one of your employees to learn how to use the combine with minimal learning time and frustration WILL be a benefit to the operation.

For more on the IDEAL combine from Fendt and AGCO, go to your local AGCO rep or try to see it in-action at one of the upcoming farm shows throughout the fall.